About Us

The No Borders Team is made up of 3 people who love language learning and want to make it easier for people to get over the hump of understanding Tagalog!

We are three friends who share a common interest in travel, learning and world culture.  Based in greater Boston, we're enthusiastic about celebrating the native languages in our community, while teaching native English speakers how to best communicate when traveling abroad.

Sarah, our native Tagalog speaker was born in Manila, came to the US for school and has been here ever since! She's the life of our little office! A dazzlingly energetic and fun person who absolutely loves working on breaking down Tagalog and performing in front of the mic. 

Shaun is the resident tech and audio guy.  He is responsible for helping develop the format of the language course lessons and PDF guide as well as providing the voice for the English side. He loves traveling the world and spends about 25% of his time living outside the US with his wife and daughter. He's been all over Asia, including The Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong.  When he's not nursing laryngitis from long hours in the recording booth, Shaun's probably working on coding the No Borders mobile app or tuning something on the website.

Lisa dabbles in customer outreach and communication.  She plans to keep the No Borders customers happy with all the help they can handle.  Have a question?  She'll answer it.  Have a comment?  She'll hear it.  Have a complaint?  She'll act on it.  Her efficiency will scare you.  But in a good way.   Lisa has also done a fair amount of traveling, visiting over 15 countries and counting.  She needs to go back to Berlin - immediately - because in her last visit there just wasn't enough time.  But she'll hop a flight to any part of the world whenever you're ready - and until then she'll be poised over her keyboard, ready to help No Borders users with their language learning.